Ocean Advocacy

I am an Ocean Advocate and an Ocean Activist… both of these are intrinsically linked.  I am also a Blue Mind spokes person.  You can read more about Blue Mind within each of the Blue Health links since Blue Mind philosophy permeates all that I am and all that I do as a Blue Health Coach.

Each of the marine conservation causes below are distinctly Blue Mind.  When we engage communities in meaningful action there are profound environmental, social and emotional benefits.

My Going Coastal Blue Coaching and Training actively supports a number of marine conservation and coastal causes.  I am out on the shoreline for much of my life and work hours and give 30% of work time to pro-bono charity work (fundraising, training and project management)… this is in addition to actively volunteering with these causes – you can find out about the causes below…

In June 2019 my husband and I were presented with the 6th Annual Blue Mind Award a globally recognised award for championing connection with water… we were as you might imagine deeply honoured.  I am also part of the We Are Ocean group with aims to champion Ocean Literacy and I provide free Blue Mind Activity resources for schools.