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Compassionate in support. Creative in approach. Fearless in challenge. Helping you to develop real wisdom, true passion and a deeply integrated sense of who you are (moment to moment) in order to bring all that you can be into everything that you do.

Our over-arching purpose here at Going Coastal is to enable you to make coherent choices for a healthy planet.  You brain is continually evolving, you are “a process” and as such a “human becoming”, capable of so much more than your conditioned thinking… and so we enable you to embrace your fluid self through applied neuroscience We are: Pro social, Pro environment, Pro you.

We specialise in Executive Coaching, mBIT and NLP Training in Blue Space Locations… Based in Cornwall UK we work Globally.  We coach and facilitate meaningful and action orientated experiences for positive change – we are wherever you need us to be. Get in touch!

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