A little about me.

My over-arching purpose here at Going Coastal is to enable you to make great choices that have compassion for yourselves others and the planet (not necessarily in that order).

Helping you to develop real wisdom, true passion and a deeply integrated sense of who you are moment to moment, brings a sense of spirit and energy into everything that you do… and we all want more of that … right?

I believe that when each of us can embrace our fluid selves, free of our conditioned thinking we can be more compassionate, creative and courageous.

Did you know that your brain is continually evolving… each of us is “a process” or a verb (a doing word)… Not a noun (a thing) fixed in our patterns… Pretty cool huh?  We are “human becomings”, capable of so much more than we think. this makes us pretty fluid… and that is where water comes in.

As a professional Blue Health Coach™ I am: Pro environment, Pro social, Pro you.

I specialise in Coaching and Coach Training… in Blue Spaces… Based in Cornwall UK

I also work globally via Zoom..  I am wherever you need me to be. Get in touch!

Who am I?

Expressive, ProActive and Provocative

Ethos, Culture + Credibility

Curious, Qualified + Professional

A Hybrid Approach

Flexible, Eclectic, Analogue