A little about me.

Welcome to this page – here at Going Coastal I aim to help you make great choices.  Ones with compassion for yourselves, others and the planet (not necessarily in that order).

To thrive takes real wisdom, true passion and a deeply integrated sense of who you are moment to moment.  Are you bringing a sense of spirit and energy into everything that you do?  If not let’s talk because we all want more of that … right?

I believe when each of us can create greater personal fluidity, free of our conditioned thinking we can be more compassionate, creative and courageous… Importantly gaining a sense of connection which allows us to be eco-centric.

Did you know that your brain is continually evolving… we are verbs (doing words)… Not nouns (things) fixed in our patterns… Pretty cool huh?  We are a process… “human becomings”, capable of so much more than we think.

As a professional Blue Health Coach™ I am: Pro environment, Pro social, Pro you.

I specialise in Coaching and Coach Training… in Blue Spaces… Based in Cornwall UK

I also work globally via Zoom..  I am wherever you need me to be. Get in touch!

Who am I?

Expressive, ProActive and Provocative

Ethos, Culture + Credibility

Curious, Qualified + Professional

A Hybrid Approach

Flexible, Eclectic, Analogue

Ocean Advocacy

Protecting our Blue Planet