Ethos, Culture + Credibility

Why so much Water?

The more observant web browser will have noticed a distinctly ocean orientated theme here. As a Blue Health Coach I believe Going Coastal is an attitude anyone can choose to adopt – “a location of mind” which informs this consultancy and coaching practice, the training and development provision and NLP programmes.

Blue Health” research is at the heart of my approach.

Going Coastal works with:

  • People and Place– deep diving into the realms of self, others and the environment
  • Childlike Curiosity and Creativity – questions without fear and judgement, which value humour
  • Awe and Gratitude – the cornerstones for being present in the moment, lacking apathy
  • Drive and Energy – essential for motivation towards action, recognising mind/body and mBraining
  • Courage without Certainty – the role of ambiguity in creating choice for productive outcomes

DCIM100GOPROAs a Blue Health Coach, my work favours bringing you into “blue space” (locations with water present), with the majority of coaching beach-centric and much of the training delivered in coastal environments.

Essentially where possible I like to get you outdoors, specialising in proActive coaching and facilitation which involves engaging the mind and body whilst connecting with the environment.

Going Coastal requires an open stance of fresh thinking which is expansive in exploration, a fluidity of thought with flexibility of behaviour, the courage to work with ambiguity, and an awareness of the connection of all aspects within our ecosystem.

A Distinctly Hybrid Approach incorporates a range of modalities

I leverage “ambiguity literacy” and experience of a range of psychological fields to creatively guide your focus and enable you to access your “multiple” intelligences, be that emotional (EI/EQ), cognitive / physical (mBIT/mBraining), ecological (enviro/social), spiritual (SQ) and more – to create clarity and wisdom from complexity.

Art and Science: Methods are much more than a walk on the beach!

Approaches build on the latest neuroscience research into “people and place” and the role that the outdoors plays (specifically where bodies of water are involved) upon our neuro-chemical and physiological responses. I am passionate about the impact of Blue Space upon mental and physical health and effectiveness. As a Blue Mind ambassador I particularly support the work of those (for example Wallace J Nichols) who are contributing to the field of scientific discovery into why and how our connection with water can help us live more enriched and fulfilled lives.

Not only am I fundamentally results focused, our coastal coaching is an active and real-time laboratory for our continued research and development within this field. I am awed daily at the positive leaps in clients’ personal and professional performance facilitated through consciously going coastal within blue space.

Encouraging deeper exploration into your personal and professional wisdom is radically enhanced when working in “blue space” with a skilled professional coach.

Of course if the science aspect interests you less, you can easily leave that part up to myself and my associates and simply know that there is substance behind the methods we adopt and a very good reason going coastal coaching practices achieve the results they do. We balance space to create your own insight in addition to channeling your attention towards the important questions that you may not have considered in order to identify your most favourable options and tangible actions.

Ambiguity Leverage

Ultimately the success of any change intervention (whether business or personal change) lies with the individuals who own the change, and so we facilitate your ability to identify and deliver your change.

I can work with ambiguity – in fact I love it – recognising when and where it might be useful to introduce some, versus those times where greater clarity might help. Control and certainty are very subjective, at best transient, at worst choice-limiting.

Like catalysts, we enter an environment and facilitate change, without developing co-dependency –  the system remains self-reliant.

In reality we each require (and benefit from) far less certainty than we think we might and we continually shift our perception and behaviour moment to moment in order to even to give the impression of standing still.  So it turns out you are already really adaptable and your potential personal flexibility is limitless.  That said we enjoy the systemic nature of all things and can assist you in creating systems and processes- where it adds value to add structure.  Our favoured navigation approaches incorporate a range of applied psychologies. Diving deeply into my MA research on “Ambiguity Leverage for Productive Outcomes” we have emerged with new and practical approaches to assist you in gaining clarity and impetus for action without reliance upon absolutes. We aim to take you further than “resilience” and into a domain where performance is tangibly enhanced through challenge and where your decisions surpass “effective”,coming more from a place of “wisdom”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

1/3 of my professional capacity is donated pro bono for a number of charities and causes there is a full page dedicated to them HERE please check this out.  This means that when you are working with me… you too are directly supporting these charities (who I also volunteer for).  I regularly support environmental NGOs through donation of funds, time, training and / or fundraising.  I aim to carry out business with sustainability at the heart of all actions, and minimising environmental footprint.

Passionate About Local Social Enterprise

I have now worked with 100s of Social Enterprises, in a cherished role of action learning facilitator and coach / mentor with a client I had deep respect for –  School for Social Entrepreneurs – Cornwall.  Trail-blazers all… The tenacity of the individuals starting and building businesses in this sector is inspiring and educational.  Check out their website and the amazing businesses they have supported through start up and scale up.

Professional – Why choose Going Coastal?

Ok I might seem like nice enough person and my heart is in the right place, but you may be asking what makes me qualified to assist you? The world of Positive Psychology, Coaching and Training is notoriously jargon rich, so below are some credentials which might inform you as to why you might like to choose to work with me and my associate team.

I love learning and I am passionate about professionalism within the industry of coaching and training, we therefore invest in regular CPD (continual professional development) and each undertake regular coach supervision.

I am committed to coaching and training in line with the codes of ethics of a number of professional organisations listed at the bottom of this page, whether personally delivering your coaching or training or providing you with an associate trainer, these standards are non-negotiable.

I am conscious of the value of professional ethical guidelines, external validation and feedback, so all Going Coastal courses are accredited by the Association for NLP (ANLP) and our Professional Coach Training Programmes are aligned to ICF Competencies.

My background as an HR Learning and Development professional provides a deep awareness of the complexities of organisational development, multi-site leadership in addition to: project management, systems thinking and change management experience.  Whilst “Qualifications” are emphasised here, more of a CV style outline of “work experience and results” and most up to date testimonials can be found on my Linked in profile… Feel free to connect via linked in too.

Relevant Qualifications / Credentials – Lizzi


I have completed Certified Professional Executive Coach and Certified Higher Professional Coach: ACTP (accredited coach training programmes) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  Also accredited through ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) at Level 7

  • So What? The duration of these programmes are >200 training hours and include extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills assessment relating to the art and science of coaching aligned to professional competencies.

MA (Master of Arts) Applied Coaching with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) through the Uni of Derby

  • So What? The thesis for this was entitled “Leveraging Ambiguity for Productive Outcomes” and I am conducting ongoing research in this area, plus the field of Environmental Psychology / Blue Health, ensuring all clients experience the most current and relevant methodologies to assist them with change.

ICF Credential “PCC” (Professional Certified Coach)

  • So What? This is a professional credential gained through evidencing real time coaching hours whereby clients can provide feedback relating to their coaching experience and the outcomes delivered.  PCC level equates to over 750 client coaching hours.  It says “I am an experienced and competent coach abiding by ICF ethics.”

ICF Accreditation for CCUEs for the Blue Health Coach™ course

  • So What?  As a new certification which puts the ocean at the centre of decision making this course provides recognised and required continual professional development for Coaches.  It is also the first formally recognised applied Blue Mind coach program in the professional coaching field.

Certified mBIT Coach, mBIT Master Coach and mBIT Trainer (Professional mBraining Coach / Trainer)

  • So What? This is a qualification is one of the newest fields of emergent coaching and is an evolving methodology.  This shows a passion for developing my own ongoing professional credibility, embracing and creating new methods in the arena of coaching and expanding my Coach toolkit to ensure you have access to the latest approaches.

PCET/ PGCE Professional Certificate of Education (with Plymouth Uni) also a QTLS Credential (Qualified to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector) with the IFL (Institute for Learning).

  • So What? A Cert Ed is an in depth Level 5 programme >125 hours exploring all aspects of learning and facilitation theory and practice.  QTLS relates to a recorded track record, with evidenced ongoing application of teaching / lecturing with proven results.  It demonstrates “I can teach in practice, not only in theory.”

Professional Guild of NLP: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, also ANLP Credentialed / Accredited NLP Trainer

  • So What? The combined duration of these courses > 375 hours, including observation application of skills and feedback.  The PGNLP were one of the earliest professional NLP bodies in existence until early 2018.  They only offered full syllabus NLP programmes conducted over significant duration to enable skills embedding.  The ANLP Credential for the courses I run myself says “The courses provided by Lizzi / Going Coastal are certified by a professional awarding body, abide by ANLP ethics and are monitored and validated internally and externally.”  I am also the ANLP Special Envoy for Environment and Ocean and the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Cornwall.

BPS (British Psychological Society) Level A and B Psychometrics and RQTU (Registered Qualified Test User)

  • So What? Qualifying in level A+B ensures a grounding in the psychological principles of various psychometric assessments.  This qualification says “I have an understanding of the underlying principles beneath the test I am administering and so can explore in depth with you the wider implications of your results”.  RQTU relates to a register which ensures those registered to administer psychometrics align to the BPS ethics and carry out regular CPD (continual professional development) to ensure their knowledge is up to date.  Individual psychometric qualifications and metrics offered to clients are listed within this website.

Plus : Additional qualifications which assist in recognition of mind / body effectiveness and efficiency are…

  • Sports Therapist >200 hour programme (including sports psychology, fitness coaching health and diet and body therapeutics)
  • Yoga Instructor >200 hour programme (including meditation / mindfulness, pranayama breath techniques and asana physical yoga).

Memberships and Ethical Codes of Practice

Adhering to the the following organisational standards…

In addition I have worked as an approved coach and training provider for a number of EU Business and Executive Development schemes.


A number of client testimonials can be found here in addition to those within my Linked In Profile – please feel free to connect.

Associate Credentials

All individuals subcontracted to work with Going Coastal Blue Projects and Development Programmes are fully qualified and adhere to the ethical codes listed.