Ocean Advocacy

I am an Ocean Advocate and an Ocean Activist… As a Blue Health Coach everything I do is “Blue Health”.  Rather than wearing many hats ALL my actions (whether rescuing a seal or running a leadership program) are in service of our Ocean planet and the driving force behind encouraging my clients to make “wise” decisions is a desire for us all to thrive.

I actively volunteer with the causes below and each of these marine conservation causes are close to my heart. When we engage communities in meaningful action there are profound environmental, social and emotional benefits.

Going Coastal Blue actively supports a number of marine conservation and coastal causes.  I am out on the shoreline for much of my life and work hours and give 30% of work time to pro-bono charity work (fundraising, training and project management).

In June 2019 my husband and I were presented with the 6th Annual Blue Mind Award a globally recognised award for championing connection with water… we were as you might imagine deeply honoured.  I am also part of the We Are Ocean group with aims to champion Ocean Literacy and Ocean Empathy for ALL and provide free resources with this aim.

In 2021 I was awarded a Points Of Light award from the Prime Minister to recognise my conservation and animal welfare work.

In 2023 I was awarded one of the Global Animal Action Awards from The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).  It was a huge honour and I accepted this award on behalf of our wider BDMLR team.