A Hybrid Approach

Deliberately Flexibile

Since humans are complex, here at Going Coastal Blue I prefer to explore patterns of insight, thought, feeling and behaviour without the limitations of one specific theoretical model. My approach is hybrid in nature and distinctly analogue (by which I mean there are gradients between the models and approaches used rather than hard edges).  I play with shape, colour, texture and form rather than working in monochrome defining my methods by labels. Coaching involves process awareness, of course, at times this seeks precision and at others it involves philosophy and rhetoric depending upon the contextual requirement – but always progressive in intent and outcome.

Whilst I love NLP (hence I train it), and mBIT (I train this too) I am an options-led facilitator and through continually expanding my coaching toolkit I find that I can choose the approach that best suits the individual and situation we are working with.

A surfboard is fairly unhelpful if wishing to explore the bed of the ocean, whilst full diving gear would seem fairly cumbersome if sitting on a coastpath bench watching the swell.


Let’s use a metaphor and think for a moment of our potential as “the ocean”, imagining we would like to explore this space.

We might opt to sit on a clifftop and take an external view, marvel at its vastness and feel guided and enabled to assess and analyse the undulation and patterns of the waves from a secure distance.

We might opt to identify the qualities of the ocean, taking a structured approach to measure temperature, chemical composition, pollution, marine life etc. Truly studying this environment, discovering the relational qualities within it, how the estuaries we create impact upon our very nature and questioning how our actions can positively impact a future healthy ecosystem.

We may like to experience the system, surfing, sailing, canoeing, playful in our recognition of the impact of our emotions upon our motivation and energy.  increasing our awareness of external forces and how we can meander and navigate even the most turbulent of situations.

Or perhaps we will immerse ourselves fully, diving in to the depths to discover new resources, reflective and questioning, seeking unexplored territory and noticing how new insights can alter our approach to previous limitations.

My stance on the law of requisite variety – in an environment of high variability, flexibility increases the potential of positive outcomes.

There are so many more options too… and yet each requires different approach and different kit.

Happily our work is defined – “enabling you to experience ecological and positive outcomes”.

We have choices in where our expedition takes us, equipped and safe in the knowledge that discovery and progress are inevitable for those skilled, prepared and flexible.

These are some not all of the key modalities applied throughout Going Coastal training and coaching. In addition Blue Mind neuroscience and Yoga philosophies flow throughout my work. find out more about NLP, mBIT and Applied Psychology below:

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