What is mBIT / mBraining

What is mBraining?

If you are familiar with or have been researching professional and personal development you may think this is a typing error and that we in fact mean MBTI.  In reality mBIT (otherwise labelled mBraining) is something totally different and whilst we do offer Myers Briggs Type Indicator as one of our psychometric tools, the two should never be confused.

Humour is one of our most powerful coaching tools.  Did you know that the breathing shift created by laughter rebalances the autonomic nervous system (ANS)?

mBraining” is a brand new personal development field supporting generative learning and mBIT refers to the associated tools and techniques.  It was (and still is being) developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka to bring together the latest discoveries of neuroscience, behavioural modelling and esoteric wisdom, their website mBraining.com has plenty of fascinating information for you to explore.

Lizzi is one of the first 70 Certified and Licensed mBIT Trainers and one of the first 18 mBIT Master Coaches Globally qualified to train and certify mBIT Coaches in a fast evolving field. Couple mBraining with our unique approach which incorporates the latest enviro-psychology findings relating to water-centric environments and you have something pretty exciting to dive into.

CLICK HERE: mBIT Discovery Guide

Take a look at our mBIT video below.. this gives a simple overview of what mBIT is and it is a good one to share with others who might also be curious about this coaching modality.

You can also read and share the Going Coastal Blue mBIT Discovery Guide…

Some mBraining Concepts:

1) It helps to breathe and by breathing we provide the necessary oxygen for our brains to function and develop, not many of us naturally breathe well.

2) We each have more than one brain (well certainly more than one “intelligence centre”).  Yes I know – we were surprised to find this out too, but before you dismiss this as a little bit “woo woo” – have a think.  Have you ever experienced a “my head says this but my heart just isn’t bought into it” moment?  Or perhaps a “my heart is set on this but in my gut it just doesn’t feel right” dilemma?  The chances are your body was attempting to provide you with some insight.

mBraining is both old and new – it is founded in behavioural modelling based on the latest neuroscience research and yet much of the insight relates to ancient philosophies and esoteric practices… Science is just catching up.

Our wiring quite literally demonstrates that making sense of our circumstances is not limited to the cranium and we have capacity to interpret our environment more fully by accessing our extended neural pathways.

3) We have the ability to rebalance ourselves to ensure all the actions we take are aligned to a true sense of who we are moment to moment.  By consciously listening to and questioning our insights we can allow our true selves to manifest within the world we inhabit.

What can mBIT help with?

Essentially “Wise Decision Making” – Working with an aligned sense of self – in mBIT we seek, talk about and explore highest expressions and emergent wisdom. Unlike traditional coaching mBIT is less focused upon specific goals

The context for the discussion ie the current dilemma or opportunity is simply a backdrop for deeper self exploration.

Let’s be clear – we still have focus… whilst each mBIT discussion does indeed relate to bridging the gap between current and desired state. The primary goal is fully embodying the attitude and wisdom required to approach life and work in a way that will enable you to make the right choices for you and for other people.

With mBIT coaching we are working with ontology, epistemology, teleology and phenomonology – so clients see positive and generative shifts in their sense of who they are, what they know to be true, how they experience the world, what shows up in the world to them and their very sense of purpose… unclouded and revealed through a deeper exploration.  This is vastly different to traditional coaching which explores values and beliefs, but essentially has a tendency to primarily target behavioural change.  We also work to create new neural networks actively building intelligence.

How often have you experienced moments of stagnation or inner conflict such as those described above?

Our 3 “brains” or intelligences have been found to have primary functions and occasionally we can confuse the role of each, or favour one to the exclusion of another. Perhaps you have ignored your gut instinct at your peril or achieved a outcome and yet forgotten to ask your heart how important it really was in the broader scheme of things?

mBIT, through guided balanced breathing and exploration actively develops our ability to perceive and interpret our experiences forming new neural pathways and quite literally growing our brains!  How cool is that!

Working to align our multiple brains we learn to access full wisdom:

  • emotional/social…
  • physical/psychological…
  • environmental/spatial…
  • spiritual/intuitive…
  • cognitive/logical…

Whatever the labels we apply with mBIT we are making a conscious choice to observe, listen and attend to the full range of intelligence and information available to us at any given time.

Why engage an mBIT certified coach / trainer?

mBIT Coaches work emergently and assist you in self authoring yourself within a changeable world.

An mBIT Coach is adept at facilitating “the now” – whilst there is a route map we follow the very nature of mBraining makes it impossible to be overly scripted or too process reliant.  We have highly developed sensory acuity to observe and respond to the changes within you as they unfold.

The techniques we share will assist you long term to represent yourself fully with your highest expressions of: Compassion, Creativity and Courage.

Our foundation in NLP and APP ensures these skills are integrated into your mBIT coaching experiences and our Certified mBIT Coach Training Programmes therefore enriching your experience to unlock the potential within you wider systemic reality.

As a qualified yoga teacher the breathing exercises we adopt benefit from an in depth awareness of pranayama principles to enable you to easily develop your ability to balance your autonomic nervous system and manage your responses to previous emotional and physical de-railers.

How do we approach aligning our Multiple Brains?

We use an mBIT road map to guide you through connecting with your intelligences and their prime functions, addressing any neural integration constraints (NICs) or blockers. We use structured breathing exercises and timely questioning and can even provide you with bio feedback through measuring your heart rate to demonstrate exactly how your thinking and physiology interact.

Come and experience mBraining for yourself!  If you would like to find out about attending our 4 Day mBIT Coach Certification Training please Contact us.

The over-arching aim of mBIT is to create systemic wisdom, so that we each make choices from a place of authenticity: fully expressing ourselves with compassionate intent, drawing upon creative insight and taking courageous action.

It is for this reason that we blend mBIT with applied neuro-conservation, since truly coherent choices are: pro-environmental, pro-social and pro-you.