Leadership, Teams and Change

The Learning Leader

Exceptional and pro-active leaders are expert learners, demonstrating authenticity whilst continually evolving. Even the most senior leaders can benefit from developmental activity.

“The ‘leaders’ are us, always have been… don’t stand around waiting” Wallace J Nichols

As experienced Learning and Development professionals our approach is grounded yet action orientated, encouraging experimentation without fear, to develop entrepreneurial qualities throughout your organisation.  The ability to “manage ambiguity” is a core attribute of successful and resilient Leaders, we therefore aim to keep you on your toes. We offer Leadership support ranging from workshops for new and progressing leaders, 360 feedback tools and psychometrics for established leaders through to executive coaching.  We also provide Team Development facilitation to aid any Leader with harnessing the potential of their team.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are sole trading and seeking assistance with developing your business and managing stakeholder relationships or running an SME where your attention is on leading your business and teams of multiple employees, business coaching is an approach which is fully tailored to your agenda.  Our coaches are fully qualified and accredited “executive coaches” working to ICF professional guidelines ensuring your coaching experience is productive, balancing challenge and support.

Effective coaches and trainers support short term targeted progress, it is our aim to empower you to develop self-reliant solutions.

Longer term assistance can be provided for start-ups through Business Mentoring and if this more closely aligns to your requirements we also offer this provision.  An initial consultation can easily establish your needs to ensure you contract the appropriate assistance to progress your individual and business results.  For more information relating to coaching visit the Coaching Link on this site.

Leadership Training + Development

Our leadership and management workshops and programmes are built upon a foundation of “understanding yourself as a leader, within context”.  Attending to your individual core attributes we enable you to demonstrate authenticity aligned to cultural norms, whilst ensuring you maintain and develop your “Edge” and a high degree of behavioural flexibility.

Leadership attributes we develop include – self awareness, strategy and ambiguity management, resilience, innovation and enterprise, remote leadership, influencing and negotiation, team dynamics, change-management, coaching skills and many more.

Management attributes we develop include – tactical planning, project and time management, sustainability and commercial awareness plus others.

We offer a full HR Consultancy to assist you with growing and managing your Talent – visit our HR Link

During our Leadership training and development our facilitators aid you in recognising your personal impact, introducing you to some basic NLP and applied positive psychology models to build your ability to communicate effectively. In addition to developing yourself, we believe all great leaders value and respect the capability of their employees, we therefore also assist you to be able to promote and develop confidence, competence and commitment within others, by fostering coaching skills and a feedback culture within all businesses we engage with.

Whilst we emphasise developing “Coherent and Authentic Leadership”, we also get called upon to facilitate short topical sessions enabling business leaders to tackle specific issues… examples of these follow:

SME Leaders + Start Ups

Some common challenges start ups and new business owners face include: “how do I stop doing everything myself”… “what exactly is a business plan”… “where did my assertiveness go”… “its going really well, how do I make the most of this”… “where is my next opportunity and how do I scale up”… “how can I become an ethical employer”… “how do I develop my team” and more

Our training is bespoke, needs-led and outcome-focused.  Any topics here are examples and not exhaustive.  If you can conjure it we can create it. – ask us.

Senior Leaders

Tackling topics such as “knowing, doing, being a coherant senior leader”… “my employee knows more than me, what do I do”… “what exactly does it mean to be strategic”… “oops I’ve had a confidence blip – who is this “imposter”… “what are the nuances of virtual leadership”… “how do I gain credibility within a wider arena”… “I hate public speaking” and more

Our approach is creative, fresh, aligned to your culture and highly responsive to any current climate.

Team Dynamics + Team Development

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

Understanding your team: their preferences and prejudices; their strengths and development needs; and how to maximise the unique qualities of each individual to enhance the greater whole… is perhaps one of the most exciting challenges any Leader faces. Our team development workshops blend emotional intelligence and team dynamics models with psychometrics and APP to access their “multiple intelligences”.  We support your team in recognising and valuing differences within each other in order to establish successful approaches for communicating with ease.

Of course a day out with your team will aid team bonding!  Skilled facilitation pinpoints behaviour patterns and increases individual learning, it is “the difference that makes the difference” for return on emotional, physical and capital investment.

All our workshops include games and activities to support gained insights into team dynamics and to develop feedback skills for productive working relationships… and we have fun!  There is scientific evidence that learning is “state dependent” and emotional buy in through multisensory experiences aid memory retention.  So you will find our learning experiences playful yet purposeful.

ROI Matters!  We provide professional learning and development consultancy to pinpoint your greatest opportunities, utilise your resources in the most powerful way and ensure your change efforts are rewarded.

Whilst we often use beach games, free-diving, surfing and yoga within team development events, as learning and development professionals we are passionate about ensuring that activities have purpose.

For those who are a little less adventurous, we can also run team days at your premises and include slightly less extreme activities.  Contact us if you would like us to create a team event for you and we will be happy to consult and explore your needs.

360 Feedback

Three-sixty feedback is an approach which enabling your peers, line manager, direct reports and in some instances clients to provide you with quantitative and qualitative feedback, you also self -assess. This can be completed transparently or anonymously depending on your preferences (we prefer and advocate transparency). The format three-sixty takes is to have several competency headings followed by several specifically designed and scoreable “behavioural indicators” for each, with the option to add qualitative statements to elaborate upon scores… These comments are to be encouraged and can be very informative.  The scores and comments from individuals are collated and presented in graphs with sub-sections by “type of respondent” to identify themes.

Your three-sixty feedback session includes coaching to identify tangible individual development outcomes and activities.

The aim of three-sixty is to gain awareness of how groups and individuals perceive you are demonstrating (or not) the competencies of a Leader. For example – if all your peers state the you are an excellent communicator and yet your staff are less definite, this creates targeted developmental activity for you.  Perhaps you might score yourself to be poor at decision making, and yet others perceive you to excel in this area… etc

Three-sixty’s we provide can be in the format of an adaption of generic Leadership competencies aligned to your business, alternatively we can create bespoke three-sixty development tools for your business aligned to your competencies and organisational values or to measure alignment within topical tactical business activity.  We also support with engaging your team in the process of three-sixty, to ensure that the results are relevant, balanced and valid and that responses to feedback are outcome focused.

The greater the level of team engagement with 360, the richer the data provided.


We can ensure that the psychometric you opt for is the one that is most relevant to your needs… there are lots available and flavour of the month may or may not be the best fit for you.

We can provide you and your team with psychometric profiling to assess personality preferences and identify how these preferences can be applied and adapted within a range of situations in order to improve communication.

For more specific information about our range of Psychometric options visit the Psychometrics link within this site.

Looking for more in depth support with Organisational Development (OD) and Change?

Essentially OD addresses Growth, Culture, Strategy and Systems…

  • Vision + Identity – Brand development and change management
  • Culture – Corporate values clarity and engagement
  • Direction + Action – Strategic planning and creating robust yet responsive operating plans
  • Communication + Productivity – Establishing efficient communication and work systems
  • Performance – Leadership and team development

Ok, but you know your business inside out and you are pretty adaptable…. Right? So you might be asking – why engage an “outsider” to your business to assist you with change?

Our support packages are scaled to your needs targeting all or any of the above, please contact us for a free consultation.

What is OD and why contract a Change Specialist?

Organisational Development (OD) explores the global and specific nature of your business, creating a collaborative culture within your business.  Change Specialists improve your ability to identify short and long term opportunities and to develop your problem solving efficiency in order to remain sustainable and successful, using systems thinking and applied behavioural science to deliver growth.

We have a sound background in applied positive psychology, a proven track record and working knowledge of systems theory, strong commercial awareness and well developed leadership and facilitation skills.

Our business is the business of change!

Great leaders and entrepreneurs value both “the what and the how” when it comes to defining and achieving their outcomes. Our in depth understanding of the most relevant and current theories and principles associated with change and practical experience managing change within a variety of business environments means we can identify patterns, opportunities and pitfalls associated with any transition.

Since each change project is different we help you develop and implement bespoke strategies to leverage the success of your unique change project, through providing exec coaching or training.

Contracting professional change management support ensures clarity of business direction, authenticity in demonstrating business ethos and avoids your intention being lost in translation.

As “external supporters” we can offer a supportive but objective pair of eyes and ears helping you to establish awareness of your wider system, implications and ecology of any proposed activity, through viewing your context holistically.   We can support you from concept, through engagement, implementation and review assisting you in navigating your way through vagueness towards targeted action and results.  Importantly – we also ensure business as usual efficiency through establishing structure, systems and processes that assist you with productivity, freeing you up to apply your creativity where it adds most value. We work with you to enable your teams to be motivated, equipped, capable and involved in making your plans a reality through aligning your business goals with a cultural foundation that puts people at the heart of your organisation.

Looking for some headline hints?  Ask us about our OD Healthcheck!

Typically an OD approach will have 3 stages…

  • Exploration, Diagnosis and Planning
  • Engagement, Action and Learning
  • Embedding and Review

Informed decisions are a result of client centred, action orientated research, exploring opportunities and problems.  Your stakeholders are involved in the gathering of data and creation of solutions meaning the resulting recommendations are not based on a “best guess / fingers-crossed” mentality.  Exploration ranges in depth, complexity and formality, but is always structured, since the aim is to gain relevant insights by asking the right questions. Forming and testing hypotheses and measuring results are integral to any well managed change process and yet this does not have to be slow or labour intensive and our support is scale-able depending upon the size of your business. Adopting a considered approach to assessing your current reality can ensure information gained is relevant and robust – therefore enabling pace and agility, in the right direction, with everybody on board.

We are passionate about identifying and supporting you through providing the “right” intervention… not “any” intervention.

We identify specific areas of focus, develop creative yet realistic plans and support you in creating a safe climate for learning and change.  Some projects focus on task issues (what people do), and some on process issues (how people go about doing it), some relate to individual effectiveness, others centre on team and group relationships.

Setting in motion long-range, cyclical, self-correcting mechanism for maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of your business system – leaves the you with practical and useful tools for self-analysis and self-renewal.

7 Principles we work on…

  1. ENGAGE – The basic building blocks of an organisation are groups.  Therefore, units of change in larger organisations are groups, not individuals.
  2. CO-OPERATE – It helps to reduce inappropriate competition between parts of the organisation for a more collaborative condition.
  3. EMPOWER – Decision making in a healthy organisation is located where the information sources are, hierarchy is less relevant.
  4. INSPIRE – Goals and controls are interim measurements only, not the basis of managerial strategy.
  5. TRUST – One goal of a healthy organisation is to develop generally open communication, mutual trust, feedback and confidence between and across levels.
  6. INVOLVE – Those affected by a change must be allowed active participation and a sense of ownership in the planning and conducting of the change.
  7. DEVELOP – People are rational, self-educating and fully capable of learning better ways to do things!

In Summary

We align your change, learning and development activity to your business goals to create an efficient and targeted approach to developing your leaders and teams.

We are qualified and experienced within this field.

We are here to help you – please ask.