HR + Talent

Strategic HR

Your business success is reliant on your people, they are your greatest asset.

As HR professionals we recognise that a strategic approach to L+D ensures that you are actively nurturing capability within your business, aligned to your broader business goals.  In addition to exceptional Leadership to ensure your teams are inspired and motivated, as your business grows, it is wise to consider how effectively you are Managing your HR responsibilities. Here are some questions you may wish to consider to identify how your HR management could be enhanced…

  1. Are you attracting the best and delivering a professional recruitment experience?
  2. Are you providing sufficient training to ensure they are competent within their role?
  3. Are you regularly setting and reviewing expectations to provide focus and direction?
  4. Are you tackling under-performance, sickness and absence in an ethical manner which promotes the potential for individuals to attend work, learn and improve results?
  5. Do you recognise high potential within individuals, do they have access to resources to actively drive their careers, progress and grow within your business
  6. Do you have a culture that promotes a balance of support and challenge, valuing feedback with open channels of communication?
  7. How do you recognise and reward employees and is this sufficient to retain your talent?
  8. Are your exit processes robust, are you gaining feedback from leavers and managing your employer brand?

Talent Leadership

Talent leadership focuses on ensuring you are leveraging the potential of your individuals and teams through providing the motivation and skills to achieve the results you desire and that you have the resources and ability to professionally manage the employee lifecycle.

Talent Leadership is at the heart of an efficient, effective and motivated workforce.

As experienced learning and development consultants we can support you with provision of systems and tools, HR skills coaching and upskilling plus psychometric assessments.

The following areas outline the type of support we can offer at different stages of the employee lifecycle and we are happy to consult with you regarding your specific needs.

Staff Profiling, Manpower, Engagement and Efficiency

HR Review – profiling your business system to ensure the staffing and management structure are appropriate for your current and future needs.

Manpower Planning – reviewing capability and productivity, ensuring you have the right people in the right roles at the right time, doing the right things.

Coaching and Change Management – to support potential job role changes to ensure that your consultation processes are legally morally and ethically sound and any transition maintains staff engagement .

Staff Satisfaction – staff engagement processes, understanding staff satisfaction, driving retention, ensuring broad recognition.

Attraction, Selection Recruitment and Induction

Employer Branding – assessing and promoting why people should want to work for you.

Competency Frameworks – bespoke CFs aligned to your culture and context.

Professional Role Descriptions – tailored and aligned to your relevant competencies and organisational culture.

Robust Selection Processes – provision of assessment centres, plus development of skilled recruiters ensuring an ethical approach to recruitment.

Induction and Probation – tools and processes to support on-boarding of new staff.

Performance, Training, Development and Succession

Career Development Frameworks – role and progression mapping to support individuals with career management and planning their continual professional development (CPD).

Performance Management – formal and informal processes and tools for the entire performance continuum. Appraisal, individual reward and benefits, disciplinary and grievance systems, exit processes and up-skilling of management to utilise these effectively.

Capability Management – design and integration of self-managed development tools and guides (aligned to your performance management process) to support staff in developing their competence within their current roles, these training tools support you in developing your teams, where workshop attendance is less appropriate. These can be specifically designed and branded around your business and the work roles within your business or to enable generic competency development. If you would like to know more about this service please arrange for a free consultation.

Succession Planning and Development – support and processes for business leaders to plan for succession. Design and delivery of assessment and development centres, leadership and management programmes such as in-house graduate schemes and senior talent pools. Coaching and ALS (action learning set) facilitation to support individuals with progressing to their next role.  See above for more information specifically relating to Leadership development.

Learning and Development – aligning L+D activity to your business goals is essential to ensure your investment in the development of your teams fits with your broader strategic outcomes. Through consultation and training needs analysis (TNA) we can help you to define the desired changes you wish to create and design bespoke solutions to enable this.

Interpersonal Impact, Time Management, Assertiveness, Project and Stakeholder Management, Recruitment Skills, Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, Train the Trainer, Sales and Customer Service, Influencing and Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Commercial Awareness, Coaching Skills for Managers, Introduction to: Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, NLP


Ahead of the Curve? – Take a look at our two day LDM mBIT Programme, designed for those who are looking for something entirely new!

We can help you select appropriate workshops and create programmes which support your requirements. The example leadership sessions detailed here are indicative rather than an exhaustive list, our offer continually evolves in content and approach. We tailor for specific teams to attend or individuals from cross functional units within your business as part of their continual professional development linked to your performance management process.

If you are  a small business without enough people to fill a course? Why not host a workshop and collaborate? We can run these workshops for groups from mixed businesses, so these development solutions can be used as an opportunity to learn alongside your key collaborators providing additional networking and relationship development benefits.

Developing and Mentoring your HR Managers

For those moving into HR roles we can assist you with mentoring emphasising the proactive (talent management) aspect of the employee lifecycle aligned to many of the areas above.  Including: “effective recruitment and induction”… “training, developing and managing team performance”… “engaging and retaining employees”… “career paths, staff succession and manpower planning”… “capability auditing and productivity”… “performance management systems and competency frameworks”… “disciplinary, grievance and challenging conversations”…  “professional employment law referrals”

We are not employment law specialists, but can recommend some if your HR guidance requirements are reactive in nature and the above are signposts only, so if you have an HR related query and wish to align your Business and HR strategies in order to develop a more cohesive approach to Talent Management, please arrange a free consultation, we are happy to discuss your requirements and assist you in identifying a way forward.

In Summary

Using a consultative approach we explore your strategic and tactical aims, supporting you to effectively manage stakeholder relationships and ensuring that your HR agenda is aligned to your requirements.  We have a wealth of experience working within the field of strategic leadership, HR and organisational development and take regular action to update our skills and understanding within these arenas.