Blue Health Activities for Life

Connect with real and virtual space so that you can bring your best self to the world: literal blue space and water metaphors to create flow within yourself and your students.


  • Take yourself for some virtual blue immersion.  Floatation tanks have been proven to be highly restorative HERE is some great research from one of our Blue Mind Summit Alumni Justin Feinstein.


  • Join 100 Days of Blue each Summer getting yourself near in on and under water from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 100 Days of Blue


  • Breathe Blue – Take ten minutes to enjoy some Ocean Breathing… Learn how HERE


  • Play the Blue Marble Game with your friends and students.  Share blue marbles as a global symbol of connection and gratitude.  Find out more and buy your blue marbles HERE.

and… watch Undercurrents to find out more about blue mind and blue health.