Breathe Blue This World Ocean Day – and Every Day!

7th June, 2019

Ujjayi breathing is a pranayama breath practice often adopted within a range of yoga practices.  Uijaya breath is also practised by many freedivers when warming up.

It is sometimes called the Ocean Breath!

Ocean Breath is diaphragmatic breathing with both the inhale and exhale through the nose.

First fill the lower belly (activating the first and second chakras, rise to the lower rib cage (the third and fourth chakras), and finally move into the upper chest and throat.

The technique is very similar to the three-part Tu-Na breathing found in Taoist Qigong practice.

The “ocean sound” is created by moving the glottis as air passes in and out.

As the throat passage is narrowed so, too, is the airway, the passage of air through which creates a “rushing” sound.

The length and speed of the breath is controlled by the diaphragm, the strengthening of which is, in part, the purpose of Ujjayi.

The inhalations and exhalations are equal in duration, and are controlled in a manner that causes no distress to the practitioner – to the contrary this breath practice is incredibly calming, warming and oxygenating.  Test it for yourself – 10 minutes each day – perhaps whilst wave watching (in real space or within your mind’s eye).

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