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Non Certified Courses

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S P A C E – This 2 day retreat is a favourite for those wishing to take time out, reflect, restore and revitalise. Bringing together some beach wisdom practices developed through 12 years coastal coaching and applied environmental psychology.

Prepare to transcend your sense of self, working deeply with your ideas about your place within this beautiful ecosystem.  Through philosophical debate and somatic practice you will develop and enhanced inner fluidity, emerging with a new relationship to all things non-certain.  We are, as always, excited to share this work!


A “Content Free” Virtual Coaching Session:

The following 7 part mp3 coaching session aims to assist you in goal setting, these sound clips combined total just under ten minutes, however each question within each recording is designed and recommended to be reflected upon, so please pause for thought!  They follow a process, so they are best completed in order Click here to access this series