7th Annual Blue Mind Award

21st July, 2023

Passing Along The Big Blue Marble Blue Mind Award)

Flashback to 2019 – We were super humbled when Julian and I were presented with the Blue Mind Award at Esalen for our ocean conservation activities, my work in the field of Blue Health and generally living a deep blue life championing all that is Blue Mind (in J’s words “even before the term Blue Mind existed”… which is both generous and true) – the blog I posted about the experience is here and has links to J’s blog about the award and previous recipients.

Fastforward to 2023 – You might remember this is technically called the “Annual” award. Due to a Global pandemic amongst other things the award stayed with us a lot longer than expected… and we are excited to get it moving once again.  Whilst previous recipients had been decided by J (Dr Wallace J Nichols) and Julie Starke alone.  This time around, I was super lucky to be able to influence where the award goes next.  We chatted about how we could link the Award with World Blue Mind Day as a helpful date to work to in order to keep this Big Blue Marble rolling annually.

We decided unanimously upon an amazing and talented person, who would be an exceptional recipient for the 7th Annual Blue Mind Award.  I was thrilled to be able to chat with him about his work and virtually present him with the award which will travel back across the ocean to him.

Since ceremony plays an important role here… We decided to offer a little ceremony prior to sending it to its next temporary home.

We took the Big Blue Marble to Treyarnon (Cornwall) – the place of my childhood and the place we answer when J asks (as he often does)… “What’s / Where’s your Water?”

We introduced the Blue Mind Award to the North Atlantic Ocean, before sending it back off to the North Pacific.

So heart felt congratulations Dr Justin Feinstein you truly are a Blue Mind Ambassador an inspiration… and unstoppable!

Justin is President of the Float Research Collective which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a moonshot mission to establish worldwide acceptance for Floatation-REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) as a treatment to naturally relieve pain, stress, anxiety and other related conditions. Help them shoot for the stars!  You can find out more about their work here and help fundraise for their cause here



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