Tribes Dance with Purpose

22nd October, 2015

The Physiology of Decision Making

Let’s imagine we are the programmer of a CGI game – the central character is Lulu and the CGI is so realistic she sometimes forgets that she is in a game.

Lulu lives on a land-mass with mixed terrain surrounded by ocean. She has enjoyed throughout her life so far privileges such as a bed to sleep in each night, food on the table and clean drinking water. She is surrounded by people who love her and look out for her best interests and who are always ready to offer sound advice. She is a tribal character with a range of skills and instincts required for survival and… happily so.

She goes to sleep one night with some big decisions to make – the sort of decisions that can only be made by herself. Of course she can be informed by others’ opinions, but she somehow knows deep down that the answers lie within her.

In her dream she finds herself transported to another world… with a mix of anticipation, fear and excitement she looks around at what appears to be a jungle. There are trees and streams to drink from and she notices a camp ahead with 3 friendly looking tribes-folk, so she approaches and is welcomed in to dine with them by their fireside.

As they sit around the camp Lulu shares her dilemmas and quandaries, bouncing between logic, emotion and apathy she asks them how they can help her to move forwards.

All three of her companions communicate mainly through the medium of dance. Noting that only one of her companions also has the use of language she finds herself regularly turning to them for ideas or even trusting them to speak on behalf of the others. This first companion is very talkative and has lots of imagination to share, though the contributions she senses are of variable clarity and the rhythm of speech does not always match their dancing.

The second and third companion seem equally invested in the discussions and become hugely animated from time to time with their variable level of energy and movement itself having a language like quality. She starts to notice and empathise with patterns in their communication, but is yet to learn to decipher them fully. What she does know for sure is that there is value in what they each have to offer. If only Lulu could understand what they were trying to communicate with her, they seem so very committed to helping after all.

On occasions the three companions seem aligned an connected and yet at the times where Lulu really needs them to work together (when she herself is less clear and composed and is sharing the most challenging of her decisions) there appears to be slight disconnect or dissonance between the three, which adds to her struggle to interpret and benefit from their collective insights.

She sits by the fire and breathes, observes and listens… She has a moment of coming to her senses… Looking around with appreciation at the environment, she feels gratitude for having these three comrades willing to participate in helping her. She notices from this place of inner balance how much easier it is to notice their shifting energy and movement and commits to giving them equal respect and airtime from now on.

She remembers that this is a dream and that this beautiful jungle of interconnected plants and streams with its warm fireside exists, not externally, but within her. She recognises then, that these 3 companions are also part of her… and not only are they part of her; they are part of one another… so not disconnected at all.

She awakes from her dream, looking over at the computer desk observing some half written code on it. She wonders how it might be to be lucky enough to be a CGI programmer creating a game. Perhaps the computer programmer for her game would be called Lulu – naming the central character after herself.

How awesome would it be to have the keys to experience and connect with a combined awareness of the coding of all this wisdom and have the freedom to design the next phase of Lulu’s “virtual reality”.

Then it dawns on her… She can… The reality she is experiencing right now IS her reality. She is the central character inside the code after all and what better place to design, participate in and embody her own reality.

She is both the designer and expression of her adventures and this is exciting! Every thought, feeling and action she takes is recoding her world.

She decides that whatever the external influences are – she is going to connect with her internal companions more often, value their clear desire to contribute and learn how to interpret their individual and collective wisdom… since their code exists for a reason… and maybe the highest expression of these 3 companions combined with a compassionate awareness of the external world IS the purpose of the game.


Like Lulu – we are evolving, we know that neural plasticity exists (an adaptive code as it were) and more and more people are deciding to connect in with wider mind / body intelligence to live more fulfilling lives.

The 3 companions in this story are named after 3 intelligence centres; which exist within each and every one of us.

HEAD (Cephalic), HEART (Cardiac) and GUT (Enteric)

Part of our nervous system they are interconnected neural pathways offering valuable insight and wisdom. You will know when they are wishing to communicate with you because you will have physical feelings and shifting energy. You will also have experienced both times when they are not aligned and when there is synergy.

Do you want to be better at interpreting the Dance?

mBraining is a route to connecting with inner wisdom, providing a very practical approach in a modern world to enable insight to surface and decisions to be coherent and aligned.

mBIT helps build the ability to communicate clearly with yourself, beyond traditional psychological models.

It blends and compliments discoveries and practices from neuroscience, wisdom practices such as mindfulness and yoga and enables the ability to interpret your physiology and respond to your biofeedback.

Coherent leadership and wise decision making are embodied practices… are you ready to explore taking your intelligence to the next level?


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