Blue Health Coaching Payment Link

Here are links to make paying for your Blue Health Coaching and Coach Supervision programs and sessions super-easy.

Once you have pre paid for your Coaching or Coach Supervision, please use one of the “prepaid coaching” links within my booking system.

Coaching / Coach Supervision Programs…

SEASONAL: 3 months virtual audio / phone: 6 x 45 min alternate weeks: £420

HALF TIDE  CYCLE: 6 hours: 4 x 90 min or 6 x 60 min: £570

QUARTER TIDE CYCLE: 3 hours: 2 x 90 min or 3 x 60 min: £285

FULL TIDE CYCLE: 12 hours (60 / 90 min sessions across 6 – 12 months): £1100

Ad hoc Coaching Sessions…

For 60 min Coaching please use the button below: £95

For 90 min Coaching please use the button below: £147.50

Planet Activists / Ocean Advocates / B Corp Execs…

Concessionary coaching payment links below recognise those making significant contribution to collective pro-social and pro-environmental aims.

Please only use the payment links below  where pre-agreed with Lizzi.

60 mins


Thank you in advance for your payment.

Coach Supervision after year one…

If I have supported you with Coach-Supervision for over 12 months and we have an agreed ongoing Coach Supervision contract… your ad hoc fee is £80 per hour.

60 minutes Zoom / Face to Face

90 minutes Face to Face