Blue Marbles UK

Have you heard of the Blue Marbles project and did you know you can buy Blue Marbles here?

We work with Slow Coast to support the Blue Mind Groundswell and purchasing Blue Marbles from us means that you are directly contributing to ocean conservation causes…

Blue Marbles are like an “analogue meme” – they are shared eye to eye and heart to heart encouraging us to really connect with one another and to say thank you.

Your Blue Marbles are supplied with meme cards – sharing more information about this symbolic act. A sense of connection truly matters and these meme cards encourage others to keep the Blue Marbles (and gratitude) rolling.  Our Blue Marbles are ethically sourced with care taken to minimise carbon footprint (and they are a medium size which helps avoid losing your marbles).

Our Blue Marbles profit goes to Blue Mind ocean conservation causes:

Individual Blue Marbles can be purchased and collected here in Perranporth – alternatively please use the links below which include postage to UK and enable you to gift these to others.

If you are outside the UK, or require larger quantities of Blue Marbles for a school or ethical store, please use the contact link and we will quote for larger quantities and shipping and arrange getting these to you for your event / cause / campaign.

25 Blue Marbles for £25

You will also receive 25 meme cards  – the links below share funds between all three Blue Health Coach™ Blue Mind cause equally Blue Mind , BDMLR , SAS

25 Blue Marbles for £30 with EU postage

Are you joining us for 100 Days of Blue?

100 Blue Marbles and meme cards

Join in with 100 Days of Blue our Summer celebration of all things watery.  We have championed #100daysofblue since the start, encouraging UK water lovers to get involved, sharing their love of our ocean, lakes and rivers.  During 100 Days of Blue share 100 marbles to create a ripple effect of gratitude and connection.  Profit from these go t0 our current Blue Mind Marine Conservation cause which is  BDMLR

100 Blue Marbles UK payment link below £90

100 Blue Marbles Europe payment link below £100 (includes postage to EU)