Non accredited mBIT Courses

In addition to the certified mBIT Coach Course we are licensed to run a number of non-certified mBIT Programmes for personal development and CPD.

mBIT Evolve your World (Licensed by mBIT International) – 2 Day Personal Change / Social Coaching programme to align the multiple intelligences of head, heart and gut to embody and embrace your highest expressions of Compassion, Creativity and Courage.  Be prepared to step out of your conditioning  MORE INFO HERE

mBIT Leadership Decision Making (Licensed by mBIT International) – 2 Day CPD programme, develop aligned and authentic leadership and ability to take coherently decisive action, navigating doubt and fear.  Aimed at all leaders from large corporate SMTs to MDs of small and medium enterprises.  I work with you and your strategic plan to apply these principles to the real business challenges you face MORE INFO HERE

mBIT mBodied Wisdom (Licensed by mBIT International) –

This course launched in 2018.  Predominantly designed for current mBIT Coaches to take their practice to a deeper level – I run a number of 2 day retreat packages which will include access to a suite of mBIT coaching tools

mBIT Interactive Group Talks –

Sharing insight into what mBIT is and how mBIT methodology can benefit you and your team – One to Two Hours

To register an interest in any of these please contact us.