mBIT Training in the USA

Are you in the USA?

Are you interested in becoming an mBIT Coach?  I ran the FIRST EVER West Coast mBIT Certified Coach Course in Berkeley back in Feb 2017, leading the way for additional mBIT Training.  There followed a variety of US mBIT Courses in a variety of US locations hosted by fellow UK mBIT Trainers.  That said – mBIT is still pretty new in the USA and those training now are certainly “early adopters” of (and trail-blazers for) this modality.


mBIT courses are open for all who have a role in assisting others to make “wise choices.” To give you an idea of the diversity of Coaches, the first USA mBIT Coaches were from the fields of: Politics, HR, Judicial System, Corporate/Business, IT Consultancy and Health/Nutrition – so as you can see mBIT has broad relevance!


Acting with Intention – Location Matters

I really don’t underestimate the impact of our learning environment upon our brains.

I am now excited to have found a retreat style location with suitable energy and hosts with a Blue Mind ethos to create the learning space for my USA mBIT Programmes.  Having trained mBIT in this space during June 2019 I plan to return in 2020.

Check out part of our learning and coach breakout space – perfect to practice your skills in a comfortable place.  We are in walking distance to the beach at Asilomar a stunning location I have had the pleasure to visit twice before.


I will be hosting the next USA mBIT West Coast course in the stunning Pacific Grove area of Monterey Bay, where we will use the outdoor environment as much as possible as our learning space.  This is the space we used during the 2019 US mBIT Coach Cert Training and I aim to secure it again for 2020, since the learning environment was PERFECT and the hosts were awesome.

Embracing Neuro-Conservation

I am an ocean advocate and all my training is distinctly water inspired.  Acting as director of coaching for Blue Mind Works and to embrace my passion for the Blue Mind movement, I commit to donating 25% of net profit from all my USA mBIT programmes to support neuro-conservation (Blue Mind) initiatives.

As you might imagine… these are truly unique mBIT programmes with a pro-planet emphasis and I deeply hope you can join us at a future event.

Register your enquiry using the contact fields at the base of this web-page and let’s arrange to Zoom Chat (if we have not previously done so) – the first step in booking your place on this programme.

I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to mBIT!


The Audio below offers some background to my mBIT journey as your Course Trainer and aims to clarify how and why this mBIT Training aligns with Blue Mind.  This audio was originally posted prior to our first course and refers to that course, but I have left it published here as a personal intro… Duration Approx 10 min.

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