NLP Practitioner Syllabus + Booking

Course Breakdown

I am excited to share a new NLP Course breakdown…  Over the past few years I have noticed a shift in how and what people want to learn.  With an ethos of flexibility I am now structuring my NLP Courses differently.  There are 3 programs available:

The first is the NLP Diploma and sometimes this is enough of a toe in the water providing a range of practical change techniques.  Some people pair it with an mBIT Coach Program or Blue Health Coach Program.

The next is the NLP Coach Program this consists of the Diploma plus module 2.  In module 2 there is emphasis upon strategy and meta model language patterns, we also dive deeper into resolving triggers and navigating internal values conflicts.  The skills in this module lend themselves to Coaching.

The final is the NLP Practitioner which is a combination of all three modules.  This module can only be completed following module 1 and 2.  Here we are in the realms of therapeutics learning to apply hypnotic language patterns, re-imprinting beliefs and enacting phobia resolution together with more advanced behavioural modelling.

All course dates for open programmes with Going Coastal Blue can be found HERE

  • Module 1: £550 (2 Days) NLP Diploma (or equivalent) to be completed before module 2 and 3
  • Module 2: £1100 (4 Days) NLP Coach Cert (you must have completed module 1 “NLP Diploma” to attend this program)
  • Module 3: £1100 (4 Days) NLP Practitioner (you must have completed module 1 and 2 to attend this program)

The FULL 10 Day programme, 3 module professional NLP Practitioner qualification and introductory membership of ANLP cost is £2750 per person.

Please contact me to join a waiting list or book your place

What will you learn…?

Download NLP Practitioner Course Brochure Here

The following is a guide to content only and the course is far broader than the topics below. These are the ANLP criteria for certification and during the programme – we will demystify the labels of NLP and the particularly jargon-rich list that follows!

We are known for our plain language approach to NLP Training. Whilst we will of course familiarise you with the long labels NLP has a tendency to apply – it is less essential for you to recall the precise technical terminology of NLP and more important that you understand their meaning and can apply NLP with elegance and ecology!

Content Knowledge + Behavioural Competence

Presuppositions / attitudes of NLP

Rapport – pacing and leading

Sensory acuity and calibration, spotting and utilising incongruity

Representational systems (sensory predicates and accessing cues)

Association, dissociation and gestalt perceptual positions

New behaviour generator

Logical levels

Meta model language patterns and milton model language patterns

Present to desired state model, well formedness conditions for outcomes

Chunking and sequencing

Sub-modalities (analogue, digital, critical and driver)

State management

  • accessing and building resources
  • anchoring (basic, stacking, collapsing, chaining)
  • Visual squash and swish
  • V/K dissociation – fast phobia cure

Standard belief change

Values elicitation and motivation

Coaching the SCORE

Timeline work

  • timeline treasure hunt
  • change personal history


  • TOTE – eliciting, calibrating
  • utilising strategies
  • pattern interrupts


  • outcome frame
  • backtrack frame
  • relevancy frame
  • as if frame
  • open frame
  • discovery frame
  • agreement frame


  • content/context reframe
  • 6 step reframe
  • parts negotiation

Plus APP Intro:

It is essential that you apply your NLP with credibility in an integrated way, therefore the course also includes introductions to the following Applied Positive Psychology: psychometrics, transactional analysis, world views and emotional intelligence.