Making Rain

Make a rainstorm

  1. First you silently rub your fingers together, and the students do the same.
  2.  Then you rub your two hands together, making a very soft sound, and the students follow.
  3. Next you very softly clap your hands together while the students follow, it should still be quiet.
  4. Then snap your fingers.
  5. Now go back to clapping and clap a little louder than you were snapping.
  6. Then a little louder.
  7. Then clap loudly.
  8. Then stomp your feet and clap, making a lot of noise.
  9. Now do it in reverse until it is silent again.

This game signifies a rainstorm starting soft, getting louder and louder until it is pouring, with lightning and thunder, and then the calm after the storm when it is quiet again.