Ocean Currents

How do hot and cold water currents work?

A great indoor demonstration to show the interconnectedness of all things.

This activity shows how water moves around our blue planet. You will need a large white baking dish, some red food colouring and some blue food colouring, a jug, plus access to ice and boiling water.

Half fill the baking dish with cold water (in this have a small qty of blue colouring so that it is just off clear (not too dark).

Put in plenty of ice and allow the ice to really cool the water down and let it begin to melt without disturbing the water.

Now fill a jug with boiling water and add some red food dye to this.  Gently pour a small amount of this boiling red water into the corner of the dish, sit back and watch the currents form.

Check out this video from NOAA… Click HERE… It is Pretty Cool!