Cloud Watching

This is a much underestimated activity and requires minimal preparation – but it is weather dependent.  Have you ever watched clouds?  I don’t mean a momentary glance up at the sky – I mean REALLY taken a good look at them?

Cloud watching is a great activity to promote creativity and to encourage mindfulness.  You can even create ocean literacy conversations about the water cycle and weather systems.

Find a space outdoors if you can (at the coast if you are lucky).  Ask your group to each lay down on the floor and gaze up at the sky, remaining silent for 15 minutes and simply being with the weather.

Invite them to observe the shape, form and movement of clouds… Water suspended!

Once they have taken a really good look at the sky ask them to reflect and share what they saw, heard and felt.

Maybe ask them to paint different cloud formations or create a story about the shapes and forms they saw.