Coaching is not for everybody

25th November, 2021

Coaching is not for everybody.

What does it mean to say I have a coach and what does it say about you, that you acknowledge coaching might be useful?

Those ready for coaching sense potential; an opportunity to learn; to develop and transcend a current reality.

Those who are fully invested in their coaching know that commitment to taking action is a precursor to any new realisation… and why would they not take action… they are after all motivated and ready for change… right?

Those who value their coaching know that their progress will be the direct result of what they consciously and pro actively choose to do (or not do) as a result of the introspection their coaching has offered.

Oftentimes people who don’t really understand what coaching is might imagine that sharing the fact that they have a coach suggests that they need somebody else to direct them, or perhaps that they are lacking in resources.

Ironically the opposite is true and coaching is far from being about necessity and scarcity…

Far from looking outside yourself for answers coaching is about ensuring you search within and beyond yourself for the most useful questions… the ones that make a real difference… and this is where the professional coach adds the greatest value.

To commit to coaching demonstrates that deep down you suspect that you might very well have some additional awesomeness to uncover… It shows that you know that the questions you and your coach will co-create and the space that you will choose to set aside… will enable your deeper intuiton to surface and be truly heard.

If you are not ready for deeper reflection or perhaps you are looking for somebody else to give you the answers then coaching is not the route for you (right now).

If however you are keen to make new discoveries, excited to create a present to future connection, prepared to take accountability for your decisions and committed to taking action… then working with a coach could very well enable your transition and trajectory to be truly insightful and deeply aligned.

I work as a coach and a coach supervisor – I also have a coach of my own… I learn from every coaching session – whether my role is coach or client.

I believe coaching is a modality for highly resourceful people, it requires stepping aside from your ego for a moment, enough time to realise that there really is no power dynamic in play.

Great coaching involves an exchange of conscious dialogue and a discerning use of silence.

The coach-client relationship is essential to allowing insight to flow and there are so many great coaches out there. I work with some hugely talented professional coaches who show up fully for their clients day in day out… if you feel coaching is for you and you are ready to bring the same level of attention and commitment to your coaching – reach out!

About Lizzi Larbalestier

Professional Blue Health Coach, mBIT and NLP trainer specialising in coastal coaching. Creating meaningful conversations, facilitating action and change for the results that you deserve. #bluehealthcoach #oceanempathy #bluemind