Undercurrents – Sharing Waves

31st August, 2020

Undercurrents – Sharing some virtual bluemind

For those who have watched the film, we hope it prompted some reflection and a deeper awareness of the blue health benefits* of time spent in and near the ocean…

*Cognitive, Psychological, Social, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing*

For those “late to the party” thinking “huh what did I miss?”… We shared FREE access to this film for Day 100 of this year’s 100 Days of Blue… (well I say FREE.. many opted to kindly donate to British Divers Marine Life Rescue and thanks to their generosity we raised £249 (after Eventbrite and PayPal took their fees of course)… NOT TOO SHABBY…(thank you folks!)…  these funds will be a great help for the coming seal pup rescue season.

HUGE THANKS to Bron and Chrissie for sharing your film with us and helping raise these funds.

If you have watched the film… PLEASE do let us know what you think of the film by commenting on this blog link below… so these ladies can read your views.  Also, do check out below what others have said about this film.

Also if you are able, please post a watery image with a review of the film on instagram tagging @undercurrentsfilm and @Lizzi_L plus hashtagging #100daysofblue #bluemind

If you watched and did not donate to BDMLR and you would like to (no obligation of course)… you can do so HERE

If you totally missed this…

It is now on Amazon Prime HERE

Or…  You can of course watch the film on Vimeo (pay to view… Trailer below)…

Behind the Lens…

I was lucky enough to chat with Bron and Chrissie about their experience creating @Undrecurrentsfilm

As you can see it was recorded from a very “lossy” Zoom call and the audio is out of sync with the video – which is why I would advocate leaving editing to the pros rather than trusting the likes of me to to do it!

That said… if you can get beyond the fact that this looks like a very badly dubbed movie… these ladies have some real pearls of wisdom… so please listen up!!!

Our informal conversation included…

  • collaboration, friendship and sharing space
  • serendipity and allowing
  • flow versus mindfulness
  • complexity and simplicity
  • true connection and compassion
  • … amongst other things.

I hope you enjoy hearing from these awesome ladies about their creative process and if you have yet to watch the film, head on over to Vimeo or Amazon Prime!

About Lizzi Larbalestier

Professional Blue Health Coach, mBIT and NLP trainer specialising in coastal coaching. Creating meaningful conversations, facilitating action and change for the results that you deserve. #bluehealthcoach #oceanempathy #bluemind


  1. Karen Tregay says:

    Extremely uplifting. The footage of the waves is superbly done. The curl of the waves – awesome.
    This is an inner awakening of my forgotten child. The sea is my go to, doggy paddle, I do not surf I just immerse myself in the sea and feel the renewing energy and emerge emboldened. I agree about the aspect of fear it can incapacitate, restrict and bind you. Best not to let it in.
    In order to grow and move forward we must have courage. Thank you for sharing 100 days of Blue. I have just returned from my second dip of the day. Watched the sun go down from the sea and dressed as the moon rose. A beautiful end to a wonderful day. Thank you Lizzi.

  2. I have just watched Undercurrents twice back to back. What a beautiful film. Ladies, thank you all so much for the time and effort and attention to detail and subtleties that you crafted so wonderfully. And I love the credits song too, Christina, you are very talented. I have spent years working underwater as a marine conservation biologist and more recently ‘left the sea’ to come back to education and educate people about how to look after it. I miss being in it every day so very much, this made me want to be back in the tropics in the Indian Ocean with giant mantas swimming overhead and surfing until it’s too dark to see the waves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

  3. Jocelyn Sanford says:

    FANTASTIC! Thank you Lizzi for hosting this viewing of Undercurrents. So many great quotes from the film, and two I noted:
    “See how your life fits into the sea or how the sea fits into your life” – Arlene Maltman.
    “Appreciate what water space is doing for you” – Lizzi Larbalestier

  4. Andrea Andrews says:

    Fantastic film! Prises open the power of limnal space so that we can glimpse what it does for us. Beautiful.

  5. David Wray says:

    Love the way you linked all of the wellbeing concepts from self-confidence to self-talk to understanding the physical skills needs for surfing in a relatable way through story-telling. Awesome idea and outcome from all of the participants!

  6. Nic Sutton says:

    Bloody fabulous. Felt huge emotion all the way through. Redmind!! First time I’ve ever heard of that, it makes perfect sense. Wish it could shown to everyone, so educational on an emtional level. Everybit I felt I understood. Well done everyone involved and to all those loving our Ocean

  7. Marcus Stuart says:

    Beautifully shot and thought provoking, just made me close my eyes and appreciate the ocean

  8. Lulu Minns says:

    What a great film about water, surfing and compassion from a female and feminine perspective. Loved hearing about a woman busting through the surfing myths and the male default button. Also Lizzi sharing her expertise and wisdom about blue space and what that means for us to be connected, empathetic and compassionate human beings. Trust this film is not just for surfers but for anyone who loves to be near, by, on or in the water.
    ps. I actually watched this whilst immersed in water and having a salt bath. Highly recommended.

  9. Emma says:

    This short film is profound. A work of art. It’s beautiful to watch, has been wonderfully edited, the music and images are awe inspiring. It’s also compassionately challenging in its thoughts and ideas, articulately told though the stories and passions of some amazing women. If you’re into surfing, into the ocean, curious about Blue Health, or looking for something refreshing and uplifting to watch, you really won’t be disappointed in this – a definite must see.

    I’ve watched ‘Undercurrents’ several times over the last couple of months; there are so many riches to come back to. The first time you watch it leaves and impression; for me it was ‘toe in the water’ stuff, and subsequent viewings made me fully appreciate the depth of compassion and wisdom gained by these women from our wonderful blue spaces, which are so generously shared with huge hearts and full of joy. Most recently it’s given me beautiful insights into my own journey and relationship with the ocean, and how sustaining not only being near, on, in, or under the water has been, but also the amazing friendships made with blue minded people.

    An absolute gift. Deep gratitude to everyone involved. I will carry it in my heart for several days, and I’m sure the conversations started with those who have watched it will continue.

  10. Thanks so much everyone for your beautiful words. Myself and Bronwyn are really happy to hear people loving our film. It has been a real labour of love for us. The ocean is such an amazing teacher for us and the women we have met along the way have been so inspiring!

    Keep an eye out on our Youtube channel (Undercurrents Film) & Instagram and Facebook @undercurrentsfilm if any of you are interested in some extra film gems and please do share with anyone you think will find our film healing or inspiring in some way

  11. Chris says:

    What a film! I advise all to watch it – those already in touch with their blue side and those who aren’t. It’s an enlightening film – engaging, informing, encouraging and beautifully shot and edited. It’s message is one that is certainly needed now more than ever.
    Thank you to Lizzi and the crew behind the film for their generosity both for making the film available for 2020’s 100th day of Blue but also for spreading such a valuable message.

  12. Maria says:

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! This film spoke to me and my family on so many different levels. Thank you for telling your stories in such a beautifully poignant way.

  13. Melanie says:

    Beautiful film! Loved the stories and the Blue Mind message. Thank you to all involved for bringing the ocean to my living room. Water is definitely medicine!

  14. I really enjoyed Undercurrents – a joy to watch but also really interesting to hear why I love being in or on the sea and why I get withdrawal symptoms. A great watch and really interesting!!!

  15. Ele Porritt says:

    Such an interesting and uplifting documentary. Really varied and fascinating experiences and stories from those involved, which very convincingly and cohesively get across the Blue Mind message for all who watch it, no matter their existing relationship with water.

    Not that I would ever need any persuasion to get into the sea, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, you have it right here. I will certainly be watching it again whenever I feel a need for the Blue Mind message (i.e. always!).

    Fantastic work by all involved and thank you Lizzi for introducing it to me. Absolute joy to watch and really life affirming.