Wisely Decisive, Decisively Wise

29th July, 2016


Is an absence of perceived certainty undermining your inquiry, intuition and conclusions?

Recent times have certainly seen our social, business, political, environmental and economic
space continue to evolve with exponential pace! Our “decision landscape” is highly turbulent, adding both intricacy and opacity to our “sense of knowing.”

In VUCA times like these (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) our decision-making efficacy becomes vital.

We need however to be “more than decisive.” An imbalance of compassion, creativity and courage (the 3Cs of leadership that are needed in all areas of life) can lead to decisions and actions that are simply unviable. So it helps to be wisely-decisive…

Great Leaders make Wise Decisions.

Science and Intuition

The neuroscience of Leadership shows that decision-making is an embodied practice. Brain cells (neurons) with ability to process our complex experiences are located throughout our body – for example within the gut and heart, making our “intelligence” quite literally distributed. We do not make great decisions purely through our head!


I would imagine each and every one of us has experienced times where head, heart and gut are mis-aligned. mBraining helps discern the difference between a little indigestion or heartburn from overindulging at the corporate lunchtime buffet versus very real physical information from our nervous system, which suggests deeper thinking might be required.

Terms such as: Use your Head… Listen to your Heart… Trust your Gut – are often seen as conflicting and selective options, rather than being viewed as combined requisites for wisdom with an optimal ”Integrated All” approach.

When we are stressed, physiological interference can make it challenging to tune into more intuitive signals within the body, hence the rise of Zen practice, mindfulness and meditation techniques within organisations inviting more enlightened business leadership.

mBraining (multiple braining) – is an applied neuroscience blending science and esoteric wisdom, evolving the way we think. Research shows that our breath impacts our heart rate variability, autonomic nervous system and even our immune function. Together these indirectly influence emotional and cognitive coherence!

Balanced-breathing is a foundation for mBraining, with our breath playing a critical role in reducing “noise on the line” for decision-making. With balance established, we can then begin to apply a range of mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques), practical tools to identify, interpret and align signals between head, heart and gut neurology.

Wise decisions are the kind of decisions where you “just know” you are making the right choice.

Environment also plays a fundamental role in shaping our perceptions – fields such as NLP explore the relationship between the external world and our interpretation of events. In addition many environmental psychologists seek to quantify the connections between location, attention restoration and stress reduction.

Simply being near water creates spontaneous physiological changes, which can begin to create the milieu for contemplation. Time in nature helps us feel connected to a greater whole… important for accessing the 3Cs. It also trains our body to recognise a place of personal coherence, so that we can continue to find and access this “decision space” within us, when perhaps we might not be so lucky to get outdoors. From this “internal location”, we can start mBraining to be really aligned, truly integrated and deeply wise in the choices we make.

Curious to know more?

mBIT is an emergent and generative coaching field which establishes optimal personal and professional alignment.

Explore this website further, you will find an overview of mBraining and a number of blog posts on the topic.  I am an “a-typical” executive coach, PCC credentialed through ICF.  As an mBraining Master Coach and Trainer, NLP Trainer and Blue Mind advocate, I work predominantly within coastal locations… the “littoral zone” to be precise (the shoreline space between land and ocean) to facilitate leadership coherence.

mBIT LDM Programme

The mBIT licensed 2-day LDM (Leadership Decision Making) programme is designed to assist leadership teams to access greater business alignment working with real strategic intent and exploring current and future business challenges to ensure your organisational decisiveness comes from a foundation of wisdom. This programme is tailored for your team and whilst it can be run in any location – I recommend a coastal environment.  Feel free to get in touch for a discussion to explore how mBraining can support your business… Lets talk!

If you wish to take your mBraining development further, check the Course Link for my next licensed mBIT Coach Certification Training.  This 4-day course will provide you with the skills to integrate mBraining coaching into your current coaching approach, qualifying you as an mBIT Coach.

Email: Lizzi@goingcoastal.blue

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