Coaching is an Applied Skill

12th July, 2016

Ever wondered what might you be missing?

“Coming to our senses” is a description that often gets used when something extreme happens… and yet how would it be to more fully connect with our senses moment to moment?  How much richer and more vibrant could the world be?

Executive coaching uses a mix of practical tools, models, techniques and hypothesis that help us to deepen our awareness, becoming more present and attentive.  Coaching provides additional insight into how we might be relating to ourselves and others.

No theoretical model or framework used is described as “a truth”, the mechanisms such as TA, NLP, EI, Psychometrics, Spiral Dynamics etc are there to increase our curiosity and are simply explored as frameworks to delve deeper into our individual realities – promoting increased flexibility in the behaviour choices we then make.

For coaches, teachers, athletes, leaders parents, therapists … well pretty much anybody, developing a personal applied psychology in the way we live our lives will assist in developing strategies that work for us, upgrading the patterns and habits that are less useful into more helpful approaches towards communicating and interacting.

Great Coaches use a blend of tools and approaches, intuitively responding to the needs of their clients within the moment.  To dismiss one tool over another is missing the point. There are two parts to the law of requisites at play…

The law of requisite variety – states the more you expand your toolkit the more options you have.  This is true to a point…  it is great to have an eclectic mix of experience to draw upon and adds a unique flavour to the tone with which we conduct ourselves.

We need to remember the second part of the law…

The law of requisite knowing – says it is all very well having thousands of tools at your disposal, the important part is knowing which to choose and when.

When looking for a coach or trainer… seek variety of skills, breadth of practice and experience, plus the credibility found within the work they do.  Ask yourself – can you see hear and feel their authenticity and sense their ability to apply their skills, adapt their approach and assist you in finding the appropriate way forwards for you!

And of Coaches starting out..

Coaching like any applied skill, such as Leadership, is not about reading hundreds of books… it is a practical methodology, so if you wish to coach or lead others (and who wouldn’t it is hugely emotionally rewarding work)… Gain a strong skill base through some credible training, adopt a positive intention and get doing… it is within the application that your greatest insight will come

About Lizzi Larbalestier

Professional Blue Health Coach, mBIT and NLP trainer specialising in coastal coaching. Creating meaningful conversations, facilitating action and change for the results that you deserve. #bluehealthcoach #oceanempathy #bluemind