mBIT meets Quantum Think

8th June, 2016

I thought I would share the article at the end of this blog, it is by Dianne Collins referring to what she describes as Quantum Think, I love how Dianne frames her own approach to working from a place of emergence.

Diane’s approach has so many synergies with mBraining (generative wisdom, metacognition and self/others as a process, neural plasticity), not to mention with Heartmath (coherence & entrainment), NLP (meta programmes & denominalisation), gestalt (systems & context) yoga (tantra & relationship between me/we)…. AND loads more too… Great influences which I am certain extend far beyond my catalogue of awareness – check it out and you can make your own connections.

Of course here I write from the perspective of an mBIT Master Coach and mBIT Trainer.

So what is Emergent Thinking?  mBIT works with creating a sense of Liquid Ontology shifting a client’s understanding of “self” enabling greater “fluidity” of interpretation and action through deeper questioning about reality.

What does this mean? Through the process of creating coherence and connection with a distributed intelligence (accessed via the wider nervous system) we begin to view the world anew… We fundamentally shift our state of mind / body, creating a new perspective. Disproportionate attention on transactional here to there (A to B) goals is replaced by resonant wisdom which promotes: significant intentions, awakened awareness and meaningful actions…

Of course most mBIT Coaches have a wider coaching repertoire and can also work with A to B “performance coaching“… an mBIT Coach would additionally ensure that whilst achieving your A to B goal you have the tools to equip you to be fully aligned with each decision you take on the journey to achieving your outcome… AND… that your outcome is a Wise one.

mBIT Coaching is primarily aimed at something broader than simple A to B… it relates to setting an intention to live and work with highest expressions of wisdom. It is for those who know deep down that they have it within them to make a more significant contribution to the world and their business or life than they currently are doing. Perhaps this is why it is proving so popular with those who outwardly and externally appear to already be successful and entrepreneurial.  That said… mBIT is for anyone and everyone seeking to bring their full self to the party – accessing pure congruence for collective benefit. By default this means that in the context of “here” to “there” (a term used in Diane’s article) in mBraining during the various processes of accessing our distributed intelligence and developing our ability to align our intentions, attention and actions… both “here and “there” can very often shift.

So less of an A to B… We recognise that both are fluid fields and we are instead creating a sense of intention and trajectory:

  • Practising coherence within ourselves (we don’t make our wisest choices when misaligned)
  • Connecting fully with a sense of the thereness of things (an emergent outcome) that comes from a lack of conditioned thinking
  • Ensuring that our hereness (a shifting nowness) is one of choosing to act with compassion, creativity and courage moment to moment applying true wisdom to the decisions we make.
  • When we are coming from this place of wisdom a very natural entrainment occurs with those around us… and this builds a collective “resonance”.

If this sounds vague it doesn’t need to… this does not negate the benefits of creating tangible and well formed goals, they are simply components of the emergent outcome… sadly we can often see these goals as the outcome itself…

Working from a place of pure possibility is resourceful and progressive and exploring potential from a place of meta-cognition frees us from conditioned thinking… mBraining can create this space for “awakened thinking”.

In addition fully embodying our epistemology, exploring our “ways of knowing” through exploring our somatic interpretation of the very real sensations our physiology provides, can really expand “mind” to encompass a wider sense of intelligence.

A flow between metacognition and somatic embodiment practice creates a clearing to do so much more than “transform”…. we can “transcend” this reality.

mBIT helps us chunk up to ask… What is all this about anyway? By doing this we can take pro-social pro-environmental actions for healthy relationships and a healthy planet.

Find out more about how mBraining coaching can assist you and your organisation to develop greater coherence for generative wisdom and emergent outcomes (and set some goals towards achieving these).  Please get in touch, in addition to a four day Certified mBIT Coach Training we offer mBIT Coaching for individuals and a two day mBIT Leadership Decision Making programme for businesses looking to create mindful leadership and greater business alignment.

Diane’s article on Quantum Think is: HERE

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