Highest Expressions of Humanity

4th March, 2016

If we make each week a learning week, no experience is then ever wasted.

Each situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity to gain greater insight and understanding into who we are and what this existence is all about.

Some situations fill us with joy, such as witnessing generosity of time, spirit and humour in the social connections we make.

Some situations are significantly less inspiring…

Here is the thing though… We answer to ourselves, we are responsible for our own personal interpretations, behaviour and integrity.

If we approach life with appreciation, generosity of spirit and an openness to learn then we can truly and coherently embody and express compassion, creativity and courage…

These are the highest expressions we work with as a community of mBIT Coaches Trainers and Master Coaches.

Surround yourself with people who have collective pro-social, pro-environmental interests and of course people who make you laugh!

Be transparent and honest about your intentions, where your attention lies and the actions you take.

Keep your distance from negativity to avoid your energy being drawn into meaningless conflict.

Deliver on your promises, accept that others might not, but trust that they will. ¬†Look for the good in others… as we say in yoga remember to keep your heart sweet it will shine on your face, it will sound in your words and it will show in your actions.

And finally remember… in the words of the late comic and philosopher William Melvin Hicks…. “life is a ride”.

About Lizzi Larbalestier

Professional Blue Health Coach, mBIT and NLP trainer specialising in coastal coaching. Creating meaningful conversations, facilitating action and change for the results that you deserve. #bluehealthcoach #oceanempathy #bluemind