Coach CPD Fit?

31st March, 2016

Self Assured Enough To Learn?

Firstly a warning – this blog post is deliberately provocative in parts and is written for the professional “People Helpers”

You are possibly a qualified coach, NLP professional, trainer, therapist… you have invested in gaining a qualification and credentials in your field and things are going very well. You have likely explored some occupational psychology models, you are literate in TA and Emotional Intelligence, maybe Clean Language, you perhaps administer some psychometrics and have a good understanding of what makes people tick… All in all you are pretty pleased with yourself and know that you have some EPIC skills to share… Well done you!

So why might becoming an mBIT Coach be worth exploring? Yes I am marketing a course – but not without reason… and believe me I know full well I do not have all the answers… but if you are curious to know how you might become even more of a LEGEND than you already are… read on…

Being a complementary coaching toolkit mBIT is accessible to all, but for now I want to address those of you who already market yourself as people helpers… Yes you know who you are…. those practitioners who are ever curious about the modelling of human existence / excellence. As coaching professionals you probably have a fascination with process and seek to facilitate deep insight within yourselves and those you interact with and you will certainly have experienced through your own development journeys… so far… deep levels of introspection and challenge.

You believe in the power of Coaching… right? What would your Coach describe as your greatest strengths and what is the biggest challenge they have offered you in relation to shaping your current reality and the direction you are heading in?… Oh wait a minute… some of you don’t have a Coach?

You believe in Personal Development… right? So here is a question for you… What did you find most enlightening about the last personal / professional development programme you took part in? Which of the skills you focused on developing have you applied most and what difference have you seen in your practice as a result?… Oh hang on… some of you haven’t formally invested in yourself for a little while?

Of course you may be a strong advocate of self development and have both a Coach of your own and recent experience of formal development activity – in which case… AWESOME… This is even more relevant for you – since you already understand the value of CPD.

As a helpers of people, working at a deeper level than purely the “transactional” we each know it can help to periodically turn the level of exploration we offer our clients inwards. Now we are not talking here about regular reflective practice formally or informally and or meditation… Of course you regularly engage in those! What we are talking about here is taking out real time for your professional development activity where you work with peers, learn new skills and truly challenge your perceptions to transcend your current limitations.

It is pretty evident that the most skilled practitioners in ANY field seek to continue their professional development, evolve their work styles, adapt to new discoveries and avoid assuming their toolkit is already complete – they recognise that they are and will always be a work in progress.

Now some development absolutely comes from practice to establish mastery of your current skills. Some can come through reading, research and personal reflection and some from taking on projects that stretch and develop you to think and act in new ways evolving your work style. That said – undoubtedly we can all benefit from an external perspective from time to time… and that can mean investing in having coaching and / or experiencing training for yourself.

This relies on truly having a desire to continue improving upon your current delivery; suspending your ego which can be the biggest hurdle after all you are an expert in your field…right… so having an openness to learning is for some a real challenge. It requires developing a deeply embodied sense of curiosity with an understanding of yourself as an adaptive entity.

So here is the pitch… or opportunity however you perceive it…

If you have yet to explore mBraining you could be missing out on a methodology that will vastly extend your practice – of course I am biased because I am one of the early adopters of this approach. mBraining brings together behavioural modelling, neuroscience, NLP and psychology also drawing on esoteric / wisdom practices. mBIT provides practical techniques to apply with your clients to work at a level which facilitates generative wisdom, enabling them to experience a new level of coherency in their decision making.

Not to mention the coherency you will develop and experience through continuing to focus on personally embodying the mBIT highest expressions.

If you have been reassured by reports of the adoption of mindfulness by renowned and respected business Leaders of late, mBIT offers mindful practices and also invites the body to the party. We can all relate to the mind-body connection and whilst a range of state management techniques begin to touch on the physiology of performance, mBIT enables clients to develop ability to tap into their heart and gut intelligence to make deeply wise choices moment to moment.

Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka (the developers of mBIT) pay homage to it’s origins and acknowledge that it stands on the shoulders of giants… in doing so through mBraining we can explore a much higher plane. In NLP terms it brings back the O and G of VAKOG and extends beyond logical levels.  For those who have supplemented their coaching practices with additional somatic work such as yoga and breathwork, mBraining provides a missing link for deeply embodied change work.

If you were excited when you first learned about non verbal cues and models such as representational systems and language patterns or ego states and scripts and found yourself saying “how did I not notice this stuff before!” then you will be astounded by the new discoveries mBraining will uncover.

The mBraining community are passionate about developing this field because we have seen the results it delivers. With more courses now planned I would love to introduce you to this field – for those of you familiar with the Sedona Method, the question “If not you who, if not now when?” springs to mind – a truly gutsy question in the world of mBIT.

If your heart or gut tells you mBraining might be for you – they could be worth listening! And if you are inclined to take action – get in touch and book your place.  If you wish  to research and digest more – then contact me when you are ready to join a course or if you have more questions.

And if the fresh air and ocean front / riverside learning locations of the South West of the UK do not excite you – there are currently 70 mBIT Trainers globally and whilst we all have our own styles you will find any one (and all) of us compassionate and collaborative in supporting you to develop your skills and build your mBIT Coaching business for a wiser world.


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Professional Blue Health Coach, mBIT and NLP trainer specialising in coastal coaching. Creating meaningful conversations, facilitating action and change for the results that you deserve. #bluehealthcoach #oceanempathy #bluemind