Breathing Well?

29th August, 2015

Building Coherency

Here is a short exercise based in mBraining for you to use during your morning or evening reflection time…. Oh you don’t currently take 5 – 10 mins to reflect per day? That is ok.. it is never too late to start.

Not the “sort of person who meditates”?  Well that is ok, because this is simply taking some quiet time to breathe and quieten your mind… we all need to breathe and we can all do with less mental chatter – right?

Maybe you could find a beautiful view to take a moment to sit and find peace?  Give it a go and see what difference it makes for you… and please let me know how it goes, you may very well be surprised how choosing to find a little time each day to connect with yourself and the world will help you to approach your day with appreciation.  When we are truly enamoured of our world a little of that energy translates in all we do and can rub off on others too… which has to be a good thing.

It could be great time to start experiencing a more aligned you, so pick and contemplate as few or as many questions as suits your mood.  I can send you an audio link to guide you through for this if you wish – please comment below or email if you would like one.

Explore Your Breath:

Sit quietly and become aware of your breathing quietening any chatter in your mind.

Slow your inhalation and exhalation. Extend the breath and allow your full torso to engage in the flow of in breath and out breath, using your whole lungs right down to you’re your diaphragm.

Soften your throat and loosen your shoulders allowing a freedom and a gentle enquiry into expansiveness of breath rather than “getting it right”.

Observe your breath fully. Now begin to imagine sending the breath to your various intelligence centres within you, the sources of wisdom you possess.

Inquire Within:

Send your breath to your Heart and when breathing into the Heart ask…

  • What am I truly appreciative of within my life?
  • What do I enjoy most and what do I truly want in life?
  • How can I show most care and compassion for myself?
  • What are the things others love about me?
  • What do I love about those most close to me?
  • How can I connect even more with the things most important to me?
  • What thoughts fill me with joy?

Express gratitude to your Heart for any insights offered… 


Now breathe into your Head and when breathing into the Head ask…

  • What are the stories that are no longer relevant for me in my life?
  • What new stories can I create about the way that things will be?
  • How many different ways can I bring my Heart’s desires into reality?
  • What options are available to me?
  • Which creative approaches have I yet to put into practice?
  • Who can help and how?
  • Where can I place my attention in order to stay on track?

Express gratitude to your Head for any insights offered…


Now send your breath to your gut and when breathing into the Gut ask…

  • Who am I in this moment and moving forwards?
  • What boundaries are serving me well and less well?
  • With what historical versions of myself do I now dis-identify?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to take action upon my Head’s positive ideas?
  • How can I best express the true sense of who I am within each moment?
  • What understanding can I deeply absorb to become fully aligned?
  • How can I be my most courageous self?

Express gratitude to your Gut for any insight offered…


Now have a sense of breathing in the environment you are within drawing your attention back to our Heart.

  • As you inhale and exhale have a sense of connection with the location you inhabit?
  • Recognize your sense of place and how you impact upon your wider society?
  • Notice any sense of community that you feel and any responsibility you hold?
  • Acknowledge that you are part of a wider whole?
  • Become aware of the earth, water and air that you walk upon, interact with and breath?
  • Have gratitude for your mental and physical capabilities, the simple luxuries that can be easily overlooked or taken for granted?
  • And smile

And the following two poems may offer useful reflection… Enjoy!

Appreciate Dissonance…

Edges are a place of discovery, transient in nature

Perfectly imperfect it is within contrast that we truly find ourselves,

In our wobbling we find creativity, strength and balance

It is the “relationship between” that creates “connection with” and a deeper sense of knowing

Embody Awesomeness…

Whatever “it” is… YOU already are!

Celebrate your mind…

Have gratitude for your body

Savour each and every breath…


Grasp not for what you believe might be

Search not for what you think once was

Be awed by the now


In the imaginings of what we call our existence

The journey and destination are one and the same…

And each precious moment is unique


This life is yours… And YOU are a miracle


I hope you found this breathing exercise and the poems useful.  For more info about balanced breathing and mBraining (mBIT) Click Here

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