Executive + Performance Coaching

Leveraging Potential

As fully credentialed PCC coaches and members of the International Coaching Federation, abiding by the ICF code of ethics, we are trusted professionals.  Our role is to offer supportive-challenge and new perspectives in a “curious not critical” manner to aid your thinking processes.

As your coach, every question we ask and every action we take has purpose – creating meaningful experience facilitates action.

During your initial consultation we will identify the level of support you may benefit from.  Some areas of coaching support can be addressed within just one coaching session or you might opt to book a course of six 90 minute coaching sessions.

The Applied Positive Psychologies (APP) we incorporate into our work as coaches include NLP, mBIT, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, Psychometrics, Spiral Dynamics and Symbolic Modelling with Clean Language.  For more information explore our mBIT Link and our NLP + APP Link.

Our coaching provision is broadly separated into two areas (Business Coaching and Personal Coaching), both of which target coherence, performance and change.  Taking a systemic approach to assisting you to identify and achieve ecologically sound goals, ensures that progress in one area of your life is not detrimental in another.

Business coaching can be run here at the coast or on-site at your location. We offer options of both one to one coaching and group coaching for leadership teams and we can provide a coach to be accessible for the full day at your location offering a blend of these. This approach can prove highly effective if your team tend to work off-site, allowing their coaching sessions to be planned around other on-site meetings.

Cognitively, physically and emotionally accessing “awe” has been identified as a key lever for motivation, resilience, pro-social behaviour and general well-being – all essential qualities for a healthy and successful life.

90 minute Beach Coaching sessions provide a change in environment for you to explore your coaching goals free from IT distraction in a location that promotes atypical thinking, using techniques designed to make the most of the coastal “blue space”.

Our Extreme Coastal Coaching Adventure accesses your multiple intelligences using the outdoor environment to create a “BlueMind attitude” encompassing physical exercise and coaching with APP.  These are a half or full day investment in your self-mastery vastly accelerating any significant personal and professional life change through enabling you to learn to become more Creative, Compassionate and Courageous.

More about Business Coaching

Each client and business is unique and our approach to every coaching intervention is therefore tailored to your individual needs. We are experienced in a range of coaching approaches including content-free working.  We work with you to identify measurable objectives and enable you to achieve tangible outcomes and since coaching focuses on the individual there are also a range of personal development benefits.

The business benefits of targeted coaching support can include: enhanced morale, increased motivation and productivity, plus reduced absence and staff turnover, since individuals feel valued and connected with broader organisational strategic direction.

Executive Coaching – This refers to coaching which is contracted for CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers. It is essential when selecting your coach that you work with an individual who has the level of expertise to support you to enhance your strategic thinking, leadership and communication skills. Our coaches are experienced in this field and can assist you to address certain challenges and decisions you may face as a senior business leader. As executive coaches we provide a neutral space for you to assess what is happening within your business and sector and to ensure quality decisions are made. We also bring a level of management experience to the coaching relationship which you can draw from; however it is important to note that as “coaches” we are not telling and advising you what to do or think.

SME Coaching – We work with established business leaders and middle managers to support you in being more effective within your roles. We assist you in enhancing your business results and to develop successful, motivated and highly productive teams. We develop your ability to think systemically and whilst coaching may form part of your individual development programme, it can equally be targeted to support wider team performance and we can coach individuals or teams.  Perhaps your business is growing from a family enterprise to now incorporating a wider team of employees, or perhaps you are moving from single site to multi-site, we can coach you to lead this change effectively and find new ways of working which work for you.

New Business Start Ups and Sole Traders – Starting a business, whilst exciting and hugely rewarding can feel like a lonely challenge. We work with sole traders and business start-ups to create, grow and develop their businesses and wider stakeholder relationships. Within each of these fields our expertise in managing ambiguity and organisational change can assist you with identifying options, engaging others with ideas, and implementing new and innovative approaches to achieving your goals.

Career Coaching – A guided approach to career planning is a great way to gain clarity on the steps you will need to take and the advocates who can support you through professional growth. We start with recognising your goals versus your current reality and resolving any self-limiting beliefs. Career mapping and identifying career anchors then helps identify motivation for work. Capability auditing will raise your understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours you possess and those you may need to develop further. Through Psychometric personality profiling we will help you to understand yourself and others further exploring communication preferences. NLP interventions will gain alignment between your goals and your values and enable you to develop successful strategies.

More about Personal Development Coaching

Life Coaching – Ideal if you are looking to get more from life and are willing to take action to achieve your goals. We explore potential, motivation and imbalance, defining well-formed outcomes and creating strategies that work for you. Through NLP, mBit and APP, we will put you in touch with the wealth of personal resources you already possess, helping you prioritise your goals and activities enabling you to achieve the positive results you deserve. Life coaching facilitates self-discovery, increasing your self-awareness, overcoming potential barriers to progress and providing potential to improve your self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

Personal Change Management – Significant change can feel overwhelming, whether the transition you are experiencing has been actively instigated by you or it has arrived as if from nowhere, coaching helps create perspective.

Developing comfort with ambiguity enables you to remain empowered and flexible.

We navigate how best to make the change effective, who to engage and how, defining tangible steps to embed change.  PCM Coaching explores the change process itself enabling non-judgemental responses of others, minimising conflict and enabling supportive transition. Examples where this coaching is relevant include – divorce, conflict, new family, house move / relocation, new role, redundancy, new job role. This is not “counselling” and whilst NLP can resolve previous historical patterns, this coaching is primarily “future and outcome focused” and “proactive”.

NLP Change Work – As Coaching Professionals, we work one to one with you to create more effective personal strategies.  Beach Coaching allows space to reflect and question and define action and deep change work might lend itself to “Extreme Coastal Coaching Adventure” sessions, since often the topics of change are underpinned by well developed patterns of thought and behaviour.

  1. Habits and Patterns we can assist you with resolving include: fear and phobia resolution, eating strategies, smoking, anger, anxiety, PTSD, limiting beliefs and inner conflict.
  2. Habits and Patterns we can assist you with developing include: healthy lifestyle strategies, self confidence and self esteem development, empowerment patterns, mindfulness, positivity and personal drive.

Mentoring / One to One Training

Business Mentoring – In addition to Sole Trader, Start Up and SME Coaching we also offer “business mentoring” and “one to one training” within the context of: Leadership and Management, Change Management, Team Development, Project Leadership, Presentation and Communication Skills, Retail Management and HR Management.

Personal Mentoring – In addition to Career Coaching, we also offer “mentoring” and “one to one training” in a range of employability skills including – CV writing, marketing yourself and interview skills.

Supervision for NLP Professionals and Coaches – In addition to NLP Training, if you are a recently qualified NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner looking for support to improve your coaching skills and techniques, or simply looking for NLP refresher support, we offer coaching in this area and catalyst NLP run a monthly NLP Practice group where you can refine your skills, contact us for details.  Lizzi is also qualified to conduct coach supervision.

Coaching and Mentoring Fees

Contact us to arrange a 15 minute phone consultation to explore how coaching can help is Free of Charge.

Coaching starts from £100 per 60 minutes here at the coast – Beach coaching sessions are generally 90 minutes.

Telephone / Skype coaching is available where appropriate following initial consultation at a cost of £40 per 30 minutes.

Workshops for Personal Development

You may prefer a group development approach and be interesting in developing particular skills, for example, self-awareness and personal impact.  For more information regarding developmental workshops, visit the Resources Link within this site.

Our NLP Diploma is also an excellent option for those seeking a short personal development course.  This programme offers a range of tools you can apply for yourself, to support you with managing yourself within a range of situations.  The communication models explored will assist you with developing flexible communication for more successful relationships with others.  For more information about our NLP Diploma visit the NLP Training Link within this site.