Blue Health Learning Resources – Ocean Literacy for Schools

Hey Teachers… Happy World Ocean Day…

Here are some simple resources for you to help your class connect with Blue Mind. Play the Blue Marble Game with your friends and students.  Share Blue Marbles as a global symbol of connection and gratitude.  Find out more and buy your Blue Marbles HERE.

Not sure what Blue Mind is?

Check out these links: Blue Mind and Blue Health

One of the ways that we learn to look after our environment is to learn to fall in love with it.  Think about it – when we truly appreciate the value of something the chances are we pay attention it and take action to protect it from harm.

The Ocean is no different from any other asset and as a free health resource for us all it is important we all fall in love with, and take care of our water system, so that it can take care of us.

By encouraging your class or group to “Get their Blue Mind on” this World Ocean Day – you are improving their cognitive, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional health… and in turn they are likely to value and protect their blue spaces all the more #winwin.

Join me for this session and find out about all the other great training and resources from a  variety of experts HERE.


Below you will find some simple free flow Blue Health activities I was asked to provide to enhance your Blue Mind and those of your students.