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23rd October, 2018

mBraining uses neuroscience findings about your multiple intelligences (the groups of neurons within your head, heart and gut) and what they have to offer for increasing intuitive abilities – yes you really can develop your intuition!

As you might imagine… being able to access and interpret signals from your wider distributed nervous system enables you to immediately generate wiser decision-making in your daily life.

Partly through a lack of awareness of our physiology, particularly how our autonomic nervous system is wired, those who might describe practices such as meditation as “a quest for Eastern vacancy” have perhaps dismissed much that these wisdom traditions offer as “woo woo.”

…AND YET mindfulness is no longer seen as a fringe activity and is now viewed as a core leadership practice within more enlightened organisations.

There is even more good news… Science it seems is catching up and we now know that we have “complex adaptive neural systems” (the term neuroscientists label as brains) in multiple places with our bodies. Intuition it seems can be accessed through creating personal coherency – regardless of whether you label your mechanism for achieving this: “applied neuroscience” or “esoteric practice.”

Imagine only using a small proportion of your thinking ability to orientate yourself within the world… This is exactly what happens when we rely solely on head based data. Sometimes it is useful to “get out of our head” and as a result get out of our own way. For many of us “embodied cognition” is something we can each benefit from developing.

This does not mean ignoring information from our head… it is simply about creating balance, avoiding over reliance on neck up decision making in order to establish alignment and flow.

Failure to acknowledge gut and heart signals as real and tangible information leads to having “mixed feelings”, experiencing dissonance and unease where we are not quite convinced that our choices are coming from a deeply integrated place. Most of us will have experienced this conflict between our thoughts, feelings and actions at times.

mBraining is all about aligned living, where wisdom becomes a foundation for all self expression – personal and professional.

How we use our multiple brains to communicate and operate with each other is vital for congruence, success and happiness.

Due to scientific discoveries relating to neurogenesis we now know that even what we perceive as our hardwiring (some might describe this as conditioning) has plasticity / malleability. mBIT offers practical tools and approaches (software) and mBraining Training enables you to develop the ability to use that software wisely and instinctively.

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